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Our Story

UP2CHOICE is a personalized discovery platform, saving you time finding outstanding restaurants, dining happenings, dishes and drinks. UP2CHOICE is for those who value their time and prefer the convenience of the personal touch.

Established in 2011 by Polina Plavnick, UP2CHOICE was initially a content publishing platform, collating restaurant deals and events in real time. Although the website was active only for a limited period of time, it provided invaluable insights about users’ dining habits and their difficulties and problems in finding restaurants online.

Having gained significant knowledge about the hospitality industry while working in the Caribbean, Polina set off on a journey around the world, researching how restaurants may offer truly authentic and unique dining experiences, looking for what works and what doesn’t in the culinary world.

It quickly became obvious that the way people search and choose restaurants has changed dramatically. Some still rely on the recommendations of their best friends, but most people use the Internet to check multiple dining sites in addition to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, just to decide where to eat next time. Each platform requires our time and attention coupled with inquisitiveness as to whether those reviews left by anonymous strangers are actually true and relevant.

UP2CHOICE was reinvented in 2018 by a small group of food enthusiasts and data scientists with only one aim: to help our audience find amazing culinary experiences and ease the burden of choice.

UP2CHOICE publishes restaurant events, deals and specials, enabling our users to customize their feeds to match individual tastes, wants and needs. To escape the fear of missing out, all restaurant happenings, regardless of their time of publication, are lined up by the actual date and time of the event. To make your experience even more convenient, you can easily set up personalized filters to narrow down the updates in your news feed to suit particular circumstances and preferences.

Where should I go and what should I order? These questions are usually tricky to answer. UP2CHOICE’s algorithms and unique food and drink database help to solve your indecisive cravings. In addition to common criteria such as location, cuisine and price range, you can search your for your favorite dishes and drinks or discover new combinations that you may like. Just add what you like or wish to ignore in your preferences , and we will provide personalized recommendations to help you make a confident choice.

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