Following and Unfollowing

When you follow a restaurant, location, and any type of events, deals and specials, their updates will appear in your feed.

You can follow any restaurant or topic throughout the website, or you may select what to follow in the Following section of your profile after logging in.

How do I follow throughout the website?

When you see a restaurant, location or any type of events, deals and specials, you are interested to see updates about, click the Follow button.

How do I follow in the Following section of my profile?

You may select the name of a location, restaurants, and types of happenings from the drop down menu to follow them and receive their updates.

When can I see what I am following?

Open your Following section in your profile to see what you have followed.

How can I stop following?

You can stop following locations, restaurants and type of happenings at any time by clicking the Following button.

Personalized Filters

Setting up a personalized filter will help you to get an additional news stream tailored to your particular requests. You may limit updates in your feed by selecting specific locations, types of happenings, as well as setting a specific time frame and price rage. Additionally, you may add ingredients, dishes, drinks and diets that should be listed in the updates to further narrow down your news feed.

After setting up a personalized filter, a separate news feed with relevant updates will appear in your feed. There is an option to name each additional news stream to differentiate them more easily.

How many personalized filters can be activated?

At the present moment, you may activate up to 5 personalized filters. Nevertheless, you may change all settings in each filter at any time or reset each filter completely.

My Feed

Your feed consists of updates received for restaurants and locations, as well as types of events, deals and specials that you follow. All updates are lined up in order of date and time of the event.

Ongoing deals and specials that you may follow will appear in your feed each week (for instance each Tuesday) during their duration.

I don’t see any updates in my feed. What should I do?

If there are no updates in your feed, it means that no relevant happenings have been added yet. Since UP2CHOICE is still under development, not all restaurant owners have heard about it. We would be glad if you could share your interest in our platform with them.

Food and Drink Tags

What are food and drink tags?

Food and drink tags represent the names of popular ingredients, dishes and drinks listed on menus of various restaurants and their happenings.

Why are they used?

Having reviewed thousands of restaurant menus, we’ve built our food and drink database to enhance search options for our audience. You can search both common variants, such as widely used dishes and drinks such as “steak”, “sushi”, "wine”, “Margarita”, as well as trying more specific options (e.g. "spinach enchiladas", "spaghetti alla puttanesca", "salt and pepper shrimp", "rosemary panna cotta").

Trending tags

Trending Tags are automatically generated by UP2CHOICE’s algorithms to indicate which locations, cuisines, food and drink tags, as well as diets, are used more than others at the present moment.

My Preferences

You may add your preferences for ingredients, dishes, beverages, cuisines, diets and tastes in your profile to receive personalized recommendations. There is no such thing as an “awkward choice” for us. We will try to make sure that our recommendations suit your taste and preferences in the best possible way.

What I like and What I ignore. What’s the difference?

Some people are more likely to know their culinary preferences, but others may know only their most and least preferred choices. There are multiple variations of the same recipe and plenty of dishes and beverages you have not tried yet or don’t know that they exist. Likewise, some choices may be tricky. For instance, one may hate raw onion, but enjoys it when it is cooked and constitutes a part of a complex dish.

UP2CHOICE provides an opportunity to add what you like and dislike most, so we know what exactly should be added to and/or excluded from recommendations. If your attitude towards other choices is neutral, you may not list them.

What’s the difference between ingredients and dishes?

Ingredients include names of fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes as well as dairy, meat and seafood products. Different herbs, spices, nuts and seeds are also listed as ingredients.

Some categories are listed both as dishes and ingredients to ease the process of adding tags and preferences. You may list them in either ingredients or dishes sections, or in both of them. They include:

  • Seafood species (e.g. “tuna”, “turbot”, “lobster”, “Chilean sea bass”)
  • Types of meat (e.g. “pork”, “chicken”, “beef”)
  • Cuts of meat (e.g. “chicken fillet”, “duck breast”)
  • Steak types (e.g. “dry aged steak”, “T-bone steak”, “tomahawk steak”)
  • Staple grains (e.g. “rice”, “lentils”)

I don’t see my desired options in your list. What should I do?

Contact us at [email protected] and let us know your favorite ingredient, dish or beverage that you would like to see.

When and how will I receive personalized recommendations?

You may see personalized recommendations in your feed or receive as a newsletter if you select this option.

Having issues with your feed?

If you run into an issue or have a question about our UP2CHOICE, please contact us at [email protected].

Which restaurants are presented on UP2CHOICE and why?

UP2CHOICE is a curated collection of outstanding restaurants and their happenings in the US, UK, Canada and other destinations. If you don’t see your favorite restaurant in our database, you may contact us at [email protected] and send us its details.

If you are the owner of a restaurant and would like to see your venue on UP2CHOICE, please register as a business owner here to get full access to your listing.

Which happenings are published on UP2CHOICE?

UP2CHOICE publishes varied events, deals and specials happening at restaurants at different destinations.

Events are thematically diverse, mostly one-time happenings, grouped around food,wine,beer, spirits, celebrations and entertainment. Here you can find gourmet meals with specially crafted menus, exclusive wine and whiskey paired dinners, cooking and mixology classes, special events and live entertainment and much more. To get an idea about UP2CHOICE’s events, you can check out our sitemap.

Deals are one-time or ongoing restaurant offers and promotions, including restaurant weeks, happy hours, prix-fixe menus, combos and special price on certain dishes and drinks. We don’t sell coupons or any types of discounts on UP2CHOICE.

Specials are one-time or ongoing restaurant specials, presenting daily specials, chef's specials, cocktail specials and drink specials. Daily specials, including breakfast specials, lunch specials, dinner specials and brunch specials may not be included in the restaurant menu but can be found on specials boards or offered by servers. Specials should not be viewed mainly as discounted dishes or drinks, but rather as creative and new variations, showcasing a chef’s talent.

Who can add venues, events, deals and specials?

At this moment, only a registered business owner can add venues and publish events, deals, specials. If you wish to add your favorite restaurant to our database, please contact us at [email protected].

I have questions about an event, deal or special. Who should I contact?

You should contact the venue directly, as they are the party organizing the event. You may find contact information or a link to purchase tickets on the events, deals and specials pages.

Can I purchase a ticket for events, deals, and specials or reserve a table online?

At the present moment there is no option to reserve a table or purchase tickets via UP2CHOICE. Please check contact information available on the events, deals and specials pages. If the contact details are not provided, we recommend you to contact a restaurant directly.

Who is responsible for updating the content?

UP2CHOICE team makes every effort to ensure that the published content is fresh and updated. If you want to report closure of a restaurant or provide more up-to-date information about any of the happenings, please contact us at [email protected] on this subject.

What is an article? Can I contribute?

Artickles cover information related to restaurants, dining recommendations, food or drinks. Our aim is to create a collection of interesting, entertaining and informational stories about culinary and dining topics. You may contribute or save an interesting story that you’ve found elsewhere.

If you plan to copy articles from other resources, please make sure that you have a license or permission of the copyrighter holder to do so. When adding news from other resources, please include the author of the article and a link to the resource. Additionally, please indicate that the article is copied.

I found my content on UP2CHOICE and want to delete it.

If you’ve found your content and believe that UP2CHOICE is infringing your copyright, please contact us at [email protected]. Please include a URL address to the subject content and provide details to verify the breach of copyright.